Success Stories

The following is a compilation of our patients who wanted to share their own unique stories of regaining their health. As you read these personal accounts, keep in mind that the cause of everyone's problem (regardless of the symptom they were experiencing) was a condition known as vertebral subluxation complex (misalignment of a vertebra causing a neuromuscular dysfunction). Furthermore, and most importantly, the correction of these problems was accomplished by the chiropractic adjustment (correction of a subluxated vertebrae). Because of the profound controlling influence the nervous system has within the body, the intimate relationship it has with the spine, these marvelous recoveries were possible. It is my hope that you will find these following health reports both encouraging and inspiring to your own well- being. Remember, when your body is free from vertebral subluxation (nerve pressure) health is the result. Share your story with others too!

Sincerely yours for better health,

Dr. R.S. Watson D.C.

Our Patients Speak Out

I am not one to take drugs to stay healthy. I am a firm believer to allow my own body to heal itself with plenty of exercise, proper nutrition, rest and having a positive attitude. But, at times one needs a medical professional to assist in the healing process. Such was the case when I experienced severe back pain and unable to walk at times or walk with a slight limp.

During an exercise session, I complained to my exercise buddies of excruciating back pain. I was then referred to see Dr. Watson, a Chiropractor, for consultation. Not knowing what a Chiropractor does, I took the plunge and made an appointment. Within days, Dr. Watson was able to see me, and examine me to see if I had vertebral subluxation (spinal nerve interference).

Upon arrival to his office, I noticed the beautiful decor, cleanliness of the office space and most of all a courteous and caring staff. The staff ushered me into a conference room and showed me videos on the anatomy of the spine and nerve interference. Subsequently, Dr. Watson gave me a thorough examination, x-ray of my spine and confirmed nerve interference. He also suggested regular spine adjustments under the chiropractic wellness care program.

At first I saw Dr. Watson 3 times a week to get an adjustment, now since I have improved I see him twice a week. In the future, my visits will be cut down even more, but be assured I will continue with this wellness care program under chiropractic care forever.

Dr. Watson and staff should be commended, it has to be a huge undertaking to run this establishment smooth as silk. Appointments are appropriately scheduled and timely. No wait time at any time, and for professionals like me it is extremely important who are short on time.

- "Luba"

Strengthening/straightening my back - Had a fracture a few years ago.

Have spoken to many of my success in just a few months of chiropractic care by Dr. Watson. I am so much stronger, straighter posture, feeling healthy and flexible.

This is a wonderful office. Everyone, on the staff, is very u-beat. Attitudes are positive, always willing to help. They enjoy being at their jobs and make clients want to stay and come back to BIG Smiles.

- "Esta"

I sought chiropractic care due to my lower back issues and suffering from severe headaches. A lot of this is due to having osteoporosis and osteopenia in my lower back and hips. I also have an office job where I sit most of the day. I highly recommend chiropractic care over conventional methods and drugs, as they just mask the pain.

Thanks to Dr. Steve and his treatments I no longer have headaches, and my back is becoming stronger and less painful. I don't have to take pain medication very often and am able to run and work out again.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and between x-rays, thermal scans, and regular adjustments you can actually see your progress along the way.

- "Jennifer"

I threw my back out after driving a golf ball at maximum body turn. I suffered momentary paralysis lasting several minutes, and had never experienced pain as severe including a double fracture of my wrist/arm. I couldn't sleep and movement, including driving a car, was not possible. Upon seeking immediate care, Dr. Steve and his wonderful staff took me in within 24 hours of the trauma and just two hours from my desperate need to be seen.

We began treatments immediately. There was a rough road ahead so I thought as everything seemed far from normal. I was depressed and just miserable. Within the first four adjustments changes were happening and improvement day to day was significant and noticeable.

This is my second go at chiropractic care and both times is has impacted my physical and mental state for the better. This is a great office with a great staff. It is a very friendly, family like atmosphere. Dr. Steve rocks! Thanks for everything up until now and for all you will do in the future.

- "Frank"

I began seeking chiropractic care after several years of suffering from low back pain due to a herniated disc. My initial health complaints were sciatic nerve pain, headaches, depression, neck pain, high blood pressure, and the list goes on for a mile. My best advice for anyone seeking chiropractic care would be to follow through with the plan the Chiropractor gives you, read about your condition, and be patient with your body as it heals.

Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously. I no longer have the headaches, and my blood pressure has been in normal range, and I have been able to walk in the hills for three whole days straight, which I was never able to do before. Most importantly, I have been able to live without back pain. The staff here is so good, very kind and friendly.

- "Grace"

I sought chiropractic care because I wanted to improve my health and well-being. I had been experiencing severe pelvic pain for some months, which was un-diagnosed at the time and I wanted to pursue every avenue to improve my health.

I would advise any friend or family member who was considering chiropractic care to see a chiropractor immediately to have an initial evaluation of the condition of their spine. I would also tell them that my own chiropractic adjustments have improved the condition of my spine and my feeling of well-being. Before my chiropractic treatment, I would occasionally experience achy twinges in my neck or lower back, but now never do.

I would recommend Chiropractic USA to anyone in the nearby area. The office staff are the most cheerful people I can imagine. They always cheered me up even when I was in pain. I think they have been well trained by Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson cares about his patients and takes an interest in their lives and tries to improve their long-term health.

- "Diane"

I originally sought chiropractic care when I was denied care through the Veteran's Administration.

I attended one of Dr. Watson's informational seminars and was so impressed by his presentation that I decided to pay for treatment myself.

Luckily, I did not have to. Dr. Watson is approved by the VA, and when he submitted his findings to them they changed their mind and agreed to a treatment plan with him!

When I began treatment, I limped all the time, was in pain every day and could not kneel and get up without help.

A year later my limp is gone, I have no more pain and kneeling is easy once again.

Thank you Dr. Watson (and all your staff too)!

- "Roxanna"

For several years I have experienced symptoms of lower back pain. In the fall and winter of 2014/15 it became uncomfortable enough that after an hour of horseback riding I had to get off my horse and walk for 15-20 minutes before feeling would return to my left leg. In lieu of a recommended surgery on my back I researched other options. This took me to a health fair at the YMCA where I met Dr. Steve Watson. After a brief discussion I made an appointment for an evaluation. This was in April 2015, since that time I have been seeing Dr. Watson 2 or 3 times a week. I am now able to ride my horse for 2 hours or more without dismounting and walking. Additionally, I plan to hike the Grand Canyon and have already worked up to 7 1/2 miles of hiking free of pain.

The staff, from the first, is very friendly and accommodating. They continue to be supportive and encouraging. Dr. Watson is genuine, as well as takes time to get to know you. I can't thank Chiropractic USA enough for keeping me from back surgery.

- "Andrea"

Pain had stopped my three mile a day morning walks. Physical therapy sometimes increased the pain. 

Four people recommended Dr. Steve. I have told friends I feel I am on the right track with chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Watson.

I feel the exercise routines in the office and the equipment for stretching are professional and beneficial. Reviewing x-rays shows a 20% improvement in the curvature of my spine.

Everyone in the office is friendly, encouraging and positive, which reinforces my desire to do exercises there and at home.

I am confident I will eventually resume my 3 mile morning walks - without pain!

- "Leone"

I started with Dr. Watson in October 2013 for pain in my upper spine because of stenosis.

Since starting I have improved - the pain is still there, but not as intense and my balance has improved and also my posture.

I believe that after trying acupuncture and not wanting spinal injections that this is the best way for me.  It will take time, but I believe this is the best way for me.

- "Terry"

I began seeing Dr. Watson three months ago after having a difficult pregnancy. My girlfriend suggested I see a chiropractor because it helped her in a similar situation. When I first went to see Dr. Watson, I couldn't even walk. I couldn't move my neck from side to side or up and down. The pain went from my neck to my mid back. I was suffering from severe lower back pain. I couldn't stand for long or sleep. I was completely miserable. I was very skeptical about chiropractic care, so I booked a complimentary consultation before making my first appointment. Dr. Watson was very professional and explained his educational background, and the benefits of chiropractic care. I felt comfortable enough to proceed with my first adjustment immediately following the complimentary consultation. I received regular chiropractic care three times per week, and noticed a change in how I felt immediately. He addressed my changing needs at every visit and was very patient and gentle. I wish I had started the treatment sooner, and I truly believe that the chiropractic care I received helped me to live my life as a normal person.

The office personnel are very friendly and always smiling - it feels like you stepped in just to say hi to your friends. The massage therapists practice a variety of techniques, and they customize the treatment to what you need in that day.

Thank you Dr. Watson! You have hands of gold and your office is like a second home to me.

- "Otilia"

I sought chiropractic care because my back was giving me problems. I experienced aches and stiffness when I first got up in the morning and it was difficult to get going. After awhile I would get the aches back even worse, usually about 3 p.m. and whenever I was fatigued. My knees and feet also gave me trouble. Walking usually helped loosen me up, but too much walking really caused a lot of pain. I would have to take an anti-inflammatory and go to bed. I had some major problems with posture. It hurt to straighten my back.

I find that exercises and the spinal adjustments as prescribed by Dr. Steve have helped a lot, and it shows on my latest x-ray. My posture (especially the neck) has definitely improved. My shoulders go back where they should be (instead of slumping) without a lot of pain. I still have to be careful that I don't overdo the exercises as that can be counter productive, but when done moderately it improves my posture and feels much better. My arms and shoulders hurt a lot at times when I over exercise, but Dr. Steve has helped me to moderate my exercises and increase them incrementally. I feel better in many ways and even my allergies have not given me trouble lately. This is a big improvement. My experience with chiropractic has been very positive thanks to Dr. Steve and his very helpful staff.

- "Kathy"

When my husband and I went to the homeshow, I knew we didn't intend on finding a chiropractor- but we did. I have been seeing Dr. Watson since November 2007. Since then, I have fewer headaches, I am not tired and my neck & back pain have gotten better. When we see Dr. Watson, there is a family like atmosphere. Dr. Watson really does care about you and how you are feeling...I always look forward to seeing Dr. Watson because I know that it means I just keep feeling better. Thank you Dr. Watson- finding your chiropractic care has made a tremendous difference in the way I feel!!

- "Amie"

I have had severe arthritic back pain for over 10 years and have tried many pain medications and physical therapy. Finally I have found relief with Chiropractic care from Dr. Steve Watson. My back improved in a month of care to a level of relief I did not believe would be possible. I would urge anyone suffering with long term back pain to faithfully follow Chiropractic care and develop a new healthy lifestyle.

- "Marli"

Due to youthful injuries to my lower back and continuing development of age related osteoarthritis, I have suffered most of my life with lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and very frequent and debilitating headaches. I found that traditional medicine can only treat symptoms or temporarily block or kill nerves to provide some relief.

Although biased somewhat against the practice of Chiropractic, I elected to have Dr. Steve conduct an examination utilizing x-ray and state of art testing of my neural spinal functions. The results were indeed surprising and revealed that I had high degree of restricted movement, abnormal areas of tension and distress and a nervous system that was not being fully utilized. In addition, I have stenosis and curvature in my neck and back, as well as the onset of vertebrae fusion in my neck. Since June 2011, I have undergone a regimen of weekly spinal adjustments by Dr. Steve with remarkable results.

Recent re-evaluation by Dr. Steve showed a marked improvement in my condition. I have much less restriction in movements, and noticeable reduction in tension and stress and evidence that my neck vertebrae are starting to separate. My improvements so far have also been accompanied by a lessening of pain in my neck and lower back, as well as a general boost in my overall well-being. I have also noticed a drop in frequency and intensity of my headaches, as well as less pain in my feet caused by peripheral neuropathy. 

I find Dr. Steve and his staff to be a most professional, proficient and caring practice. They provide an atmosphere and setting that is helpful, caring and sharing. I feel as if my wife and I have joined a loving and thoughtful family. I highly recommend Dr. Steve and his staff.

- "Leonard"

I have just started my treatments with Dr. Steve. What a lucky day it was for me. My back was bothering me and I just walked in off the street. Hoping someone could help me get rid of this pain. I play a lot of golf with the help of pain pills and vibrations. What a wonderful feeling it was to play 18 holes of golf with "no pain and no pills".

I am 67 years soon to be 68 years old. With no pain and increased flexibility, I am able to hit the ball further than even before. I am looking forward to a complete healing of my back and neck. 

P/S I forgot to include I have had this pain for 20 years and have tried everything you can think of to try and make it go away.

- "Majorie"

Never did I imagine how my my lifestyle would change when I took advantage of the screening you offered at the Health Fair at the Northwest YMCA. I periodically had lower back pain and tingling in my fingers. I had gone to a chiropractor previously but stopped when the symptoms disappeared. My former Chiropractor never stressed the positive benefits of ongoing treatment.

The screening indicated my hips and ears were out of alignment. X-rays further revealed that I had a military neck - straight with little to no curve. Testing by you also indicated that range of motion in my left leg was quite a bit less than my right. So, I started three times a week adjustments with you I had my annual physical with the usual lab tests. I never dreamed I would be diagnosed with breast cancer, high blood pressure, and higher than normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Your support during this period of time was appreciated. You suggested dietary changes and encouraged me to stick with my exercise routine. After surgery you were able to adapt my adjustments so I didn't have too long a break in treatment. I feel when I have my next blood workup (In December), there will be a decrease in the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. (I'll let you know).

Now, four months later, the tingling in my fingers has disappeared, I have increased the range of motion of my left leg and the curve in my neck is at 11%! I look forward to your weekly newsletters and share them with my family. They are even posted on the bulletin board at the Y.

I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling appointments and the feeling of family when I am at your office. Whenever I hear someone complain about a bad back I immediately suggest that they call Dr. Watson. I would like to thank you and your staff for all your support. If you ever need anyone to talk about the benefits of Chiropractic care, just give me a call.


- "Phyllis"

Dr. Watson, 

Below is an entire list of ailments that I have lived with on and off since 1975. I can honestly say that dealing with these symptoms day in and day out nearly killed me. I had sub-consciously prepared my self to die, literally. Although, I had faith in my God to heal me and make me a complete man again, I still struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel until I began my treatments with your practice.

  1. Injured my neck in 1975
  2. Chronic pain since 1975 event
  3. 1982 diagnosed with Scoliosis
  4. Diagnosed with situation depression due to pain 1992
  5. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1992
  6. Heart Attack 1995
  7. Diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease in 1995
  8. High blood pressure
  9. High cholesterol - unmeasurable
  10. Low HDL cholesterol
  11. Severe lower back pain
  12. Severe neck and shoulder pain
  13. Tingling and numbness in hand 
  14. Burning sensation down the thigh
  15. Diagnosed with Collides 1996
  16. Diagnosed with Severe Anxiety Disorder 1997
  17. Memory Deficits
  18. Diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome 1997 causing the following:
  19. Constant Flu symptoms
  20. Diarrhea
  21. Pain in groin similar to rupture 
  22. Chronic Fatigue

All of the above symptoms have gone completely away since about the third month of treatments with Dr. Watson. Now I have a ton of energy, am able to focus better and look forward each morning to a productive day. I feel like a new man, a young man!!!


- "James"

Up until last December, I was agnostic about Chiropractic care. I was solicited for some initial diagnosis and went along from curiosity. Just before Christmas I slipped on wet pavement and landed on my rear-end. Having already been shown my pelvic alignment problems, I had further aggravated them. 

Having an appointment in about two hours with Dr. W, I declined the ER room trip. Within several days the pain was gone and movement returned after only two manipulations. I was becoming a believer.

I am further impressed by being six weeks into the program and already feeling less pain in places I once wrote off as "arthritis", I can use my legs better than ever and am feeling more energy and getting better sleep. Agnostic converted!

- "Emil"

My legs and hips were aching and my doctor couldn't figure out why AFTER many tests. I would advise people I know to try out Chiropractic care. I am feeling better then when I started in august. Dr. Watson is an extremely upbeat person who really believes in what he does.

- "Janet"

For my age 77 years, I am in good health and take very little to no medication. However, for several years I have been in great pain and my right side and lower back all the way down my leg including my foot. I have tried several Medical Physician to no avail. 

I was introduced to Dr. Steven Watson approximately three months ago and started treatments. At this time. I feel we have and are still making progress. With more time and treatments maybe a complete cure.  Dr. Watson is a very good Chiropractor and Teacher. Which, I feel teaching is the first step to the cure and the relief of pain for the Patient.

The loss of pain makes the world a much nicer place to live in. Also, the office staff does an outstanding job to insure all your needs are taken care of.

- "Chuck"

After several stumbles and falls, I became aware of the discomfort I was having with my body. I started having pain in my hips and lower back. I was also beginning to have neck pain, headaches and trouble sleeping. I was fortunate to have a primary care physician who recommended Dr. Watson's Chiropractic office. I visited Dr. Watson's office and he did a complete work-up to properly diagnose my problems. He showed me how unbalanced my body had become. Not only was my spine crooked, but my left hip protruded farther than my right hip. He put me on a plan of adjustments three times a week and gave me a series of exercises to do at home. I have had much improvement in posture, balance and the pain. I would encourage chiropractic care to any person, family or friend, who has issues with pain and assure them that chiropractic care is essential for maintaining good health.

Dr. Watson and his staff are competent, caring and take special interest in the care of each patient. I especially like the information we can take advantage of in the form of handouts, videos and books. This has been a positive experience. Dr. Watson and his staff have been my caregivers, but most important my friends.

- "Mary"

After days of worsening stiff neck pain, a friend suggested I visit Dr. Steve Watson's chiropractic office. I was able to get an appointment the next day and began a program of adjustments, exercise and icing.

X-rays and other evaluation tests were done at the beginning and again 4 months later. I was amazed at the improvement in the condition of the vertebra in my neck.

Weeks later, the pain and stiffness are gone and I have full function of my neck.

I plan to keep my maintenance schedule.

- "Jean"

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been seeing Dr. Watson since November 2007. Since then, I have fewer headaches, I am not tired and my neck & back pain have gotten better."
    Amie - Oro Valley, AZ